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The toughest iPad Case, The Tank

iPad-waterproof-case-tankYou need the best protection for your iPad.
Water, sand, dust and drops are no match for this case. Say hello to the Tank iPad Case. Buy it here www.moxiware.com

This case is compatible for the iPad 1 and iPad 2 and allows access to the home button.
Just holding this case in your hands you know you have quality. Made in Germany this thing means business. You need an iPad waterproof case, you got it. Need an iPad rugged case to endure the drops and hits, you got it in spades.

I can easily see someone buying this for their boat or a business to protect the iPad in a factory. As you might imagine, factory workers are not always careful with the equipment. In this situation the Tank case would be perfect, protecting the ipad from drops,  scratches and dust, effectively reducing the cost of buying new iPads every two weeks.

Another thing that sets the Tank waterproof ipad case apart from the rest is that you have access to all ports and buttons,  all of these have protective seal caps to protect from water when not in use. The Home button is always accessible and the clear plastic for the screen gives great visibility and touch function.

Available in black and white, compatible with all ram mounts, you can easily mount it anywhere you like, on the boat, truck or even a carrying strap.

- Very high quality materials and construction.
- Exceptional protection against water, sand, dust, scratches and bumps.
- Access to all buttons and ports that also have a waterproof seal caps when not in use
- Easy installation
- Compatible with iPad 1 and iPad 2

- Expensive but there is always a price for quality products

You can buy this case here: www.moxiware.com

Overboard waterproof case review

Overboard iPad Waterproof Case
There has been a lot of discussion whether a simple bag can be called a case. But all the manufactures and stores selling these call them cases so who are we to judge. In any case here is a review of the one we thing is the best bag/case of them all.
The Overboard case has a nice design which is made for the iPad, which means it has a nice tight fit so the plastic on the front doesn’t get all crumpled up and hamper visibility. It can be used with the iPad 1 and 2 and other similar shape tablets. Visibility is very good and so is usability, which was surprising. Navigate and operate the home button with ease, you can also hear the sound pretty clearly. One of the unique features of this case is that it floats, so if you ever drop it the deep end or the lake, well you can retrieve it pretty quickly.
The locking mechanism at top is also pretty nifty, allowing you to seal the case with ease and it seems very well made which gave me confindence to submerge it in the pool for the ultimate test.
So on a final not, this case will do what it is intended for, protect your iPad against water and sand but not much else. If you intend the let your 2 year old play with your iPad around the pool there are better choices that will also protect against drops and bumps.
Buy on it on Amazon

You can buy iPad waterproof cases hereiPad Cases 

Ideal iPad Waterproof Case for the Boat

You have a boat, you have an iPad. Your boat likes water your iPad not as much. What you need is a Waterproof iPad case that really protects your iPad since we all know that on a boat things get knocked around quite a bit, so you don’t just need water protections but also an all around case to protect your iPad.

There are currently two great options that do the job and do it very well.
The first is the WP waterproof iPad case from iPadkings. Availabe in black and white and for the iPad  and iPad 2 at a price of 79.95$. Complete review here.
The second is the Tank iPad waterproof case also from iPadkings. Available for iPad and iPad 2 it will give you the ultimate protection against almost  everything for 399.95$. View our complete review here.

As you can see two different products with very different goals but both offer very good water protection be it on the boat around the pool or at the beach.

You can buy iPad waterproof cases here: iPad Cases

iPad Waterproof Case Guide

There are many types of iPad waterproof cases. Many of which are not cases but bags but are sold as cases.
Anyhow here are all the types of waterproof cases available for the iPad.

Plastic Bag:
Many of these are floating around and vary greatly in both quality and  price.
First if you just want to protect your iPad against water and sand and don’t really care for esthetics or readability than the trusty old Ziplok bag will do, heck you can buy a box for about 2 bucks.
If you want something better than a bag but has the same design and actually want to use your iPad you have many options:

Overboard Waterproof:
Overboard iPad Waterproof Case
This case has a nice thick plastic that will protect your iPad. Just open the top mechanism and slide you iPad in and then lock the top again. The iPad fits pretty snuggly in this bag and seems like it will give decent protection against water and sand. If you drop it in the lake don’t worry as it is designed to float. This accessory is designed to work with both the iPad 1 and 2 and will allow you to use the iPad screen and home button. Visibility is good but not great. Buy on it on Amazon

Drycase ipad waterproof case
This case has the same design, which you will see is a recurring thing. Again this gives adequate waterproofing but the fit of this bag is not as tight as the Overboard but will allow larger tablets to also use the case. Has a good locking mechanism but again I like the Overboard one better, just seems more secure. As for floating this one did but only for a short time, so if you drop it in water you better dive in to get to it right away.
Buy it on Amazon

Aquapac iPad Waterproof Case
This bag is the most affordable of the three and in my opinion the least attractive. Again it will do its thing and not more and this one will sink even quicker than the Drycase. Visibility for this one not as clear as the others and so is the mechanism to seal the case not as easy. You can buy this case on Amazon

So my pick for these waterproof cases would be,
1. Overboard case
2. Drycase
3. Aquapac

Ok now for some real cases and all around protection for your iPad.
At the moment there are only a couple of choices but here are the two that I tested out.
The WP iPad waterproof case is a very nice case which you can buy for 79.95$ and is compatible for the iPad 1 and iPad 2. Has a thick Plastic in the front and back with excellent visibility. You can this iPad waterproof cases here: iPad Cases

WP iPad Waterproof Case Opened

The second option that was tested was the mother of all cases the Tank iPad rugged case. Coming in at pretty steep price of 399.95$ this case will give you all the protection you need and more. I can see this case in a factory of sorts where things a mishandled and put through the test daily. This iPad waterproof case will give you the best protection which is probably why it is called the Tank.
If you have any other suggestions for reviews of other iPad waterproof cases please let us know in the comments which are always appreciated.

Buy these cases here: iPad Cases

WP iPad waterproof case

WP iPad Waterproof Case
Need a real case to protect your iPad when you are on the boat, beach or around the pool.
Well the Wipad case has the solution to waterproof your iPad.
Compatible with the iPad and iPad 2 this state-of-the-art design enclosure can guarantee 100% waterproofing even 3 feet underwater.

To start you just unsnap the 4 hinges to open the case and insert the iPad, can’t be easier.
As you can see in the video, you can still hear the sound very clearly and use the iPad touch screen without any problems.

This case is really well made and it is sure to protect your iPad from water, sand and even the occasional drop. Available in two colors, white and black and is compatible with both the iPad 1 and iPad 2.
WP iPad Waterproof Case Opened

- Well made with good quality materials.
- Installation is a breeze
- iPad and iPad 2 compatible
- Full body protection

- Only two colors available
Ipad waterproof case to protect your iPad at the pool, beach and on the boat.

You can buy this case here: iPad Cases

Waterproof your iPad

ipad-waterproof-case-1Want to protect your iPad from the elements, such as water, sand and the occasional drop. Our guide will help you determine which solution is best for you. From the high end Tank iPad case to the simplest waterproof bag. If you are planning to bring your iPad on the boat, to the beach or just around the pool, you need to protect your beautiful iPad.

You can buy iPad waterproof cases here: iPad Cases